Direct Restoration

High quality and aesthetic tooth restorations are performed with the sole purpose to evermore meet the patient's requirement and satisfaction to have a pleasant smile.     This type of procedure covers the elimination of cavities, cracks, stains and infiltrations.

Indirect Restoration - Prostheses

This area of dentistry deals with the aesthetic rehabilitation and restoration of the patient's masticatory function, restoring or replacing missing or lost teeth. – Partial – Total – Fixed – On implant supported prostheses

Oral Rehabilitation

We call Oral Rehabilitation the part of Restorative Dentistry that assesses and restores the entire masticatory system’s functionality. To achieve this, several Dentistry and Medical fields are involved in planning the treatment.The case planning is extensive and complex, as its stages involve choosing treatment alternatives, consideration of the patient’s aims and wishes, treatment sequence, duration, cost, limitations and prognoses.The availability of several treatment alternatives allows the selection of a conservative approach and maximum preservation of healthy dental tissue, always considering all the currently available aesthetic resources.Ever seeking the highest predictability of the desired results, the treatment plan that will be suggested to the patient is submitted to the laboratory team for an assessment and the preparation of a wax up as close as possible to the final result.