The Art of Dental Composition physical characteristics and the principles of visual language (harmony and aesthetics).   Did you know that your smile can tell a lot about your personality?   The ultimate objective of the association of cosmetic dentistry with visagism is to seek for the ideal personalized patient’s aesthetic pattern. Bringing out people’s best and what they wish their appearance to express.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The minimally invasive concept concerns itself with minimizing any unnecessary strain to the dental structure. The concept is applied when removing old restorations, removal of the decayed tissue and preservation.

Digital Smile Design

We at Topmaster use DSD to elaborate our treatment plans.   The DSD concept aims to improve the communication between specialists and the communication between the dentist and the patient, in addition to assist with the development of the Smile Design plan. It takes aesthetics, function and also the wishes of the patient into consideration resulting in more harmonic and personalized smiles. DSD assists the dentist in 3 aspects: – improves aesthetic planning and design of the smile; – fosters and improves communication among the specialists involved in the case; – improves interaction with the patient, stimulating their active involvement in the process of designing their own smile, motivate and educate them about the treatment’s benefits and increase their acceptance of it.

External (extrinsic)Whitening/Bleaching

White teeth convey the impression of cleanliness and health apart from enhancing peoples’ youthfulness.   With the passing of the years and our natural aging the dental enamel starts to turn darker and others.  Dental whitening performed by Topmaster is effective, safe and painless due to the available technique to reduce possible sensitivity. We use a mixed technique associating home bleaching (with bleaching tray) with laser whitening (applied at the Clinic)

Internal Bleaching

Internal (intrinsic) whitening becomes necessary when only one tooth is darker than the others. This darkening may have been caused by a sports trauma, occlusion trauma, falls and endodontic treatments with filling material in the tooth crown portion.   Internal dental whitening is of easy and quick execution with quite satisfactory results

Dental Contact Lenses

Treatment option of porcelain veneer to be cemented on the tooth enamel, with minimal or no structure wear. Is recommended for small tooth form and position corrections of teeth with dental structure.

Laminated Porcelain Veneers

Thin layers of porcelain that are glued to the teeth for form, size and color modification,


Ceramic Fragments

Ceramic fragments are partial ceramic restorations used to supplement the format of a tooth without the (Diastemas) and after orthodontic treatment to reestablish smile balance