Implants and Surgery

Cosmetic rehabilitation nowadays requires an increasingly intense multidisciplinary interaction.   Separately applied specialties lead to dissatisfaction and often inadequate end results. Replacing a missing tooth with an implant has now become an extremely comfortable and fast procedure for the patient.     Currently used together with implant installation, microsurgery has made this procedure minimally invasive, often avoiding incisions and stitches. As a result, the recovery has become painless and scar free. Using biomaterial grafts (grafts not removed from of the patient) we can achieve safe and aesthetically invisible results. We at Topmaster have all that is modern and current in the field of oral implantology to provide our patients with all the comfort, predictability and excellence of the results. Want to know more about Implants? Contact us at Topmaster at   11 3061-9140 / 11 3083-1462 / 11 99883 – 7556 or send an email to : and we will send you a special brochure prepared to explain all you want to know about all the available resources and the most diverse techniques to meet your needs.