Topmaster is run by a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals in their respective fields of expertise, engaged in a continuous process of improvement and training to offer our patients customized care, the best treatment with technical competence and dedication.     Topmaster further carries out integrated care with other renowned medical clinics in the fields of Otorhinolaryngology, Osteopathy, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Dra. Gisele Costa Maffei

CRO-SP 36270


  • Graduated in Odontology from UNIP
  • Specialization in Dental Prosthesis by the Tetsuo Saito Institute
  • Lato sensu Specialization in Cosmetic Dentistry by the Senac University Center
  • Member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Member of the Brazilian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry Ethics Council
  • Post-graduated in Sports Dentistry from São Leopoldo Mandic
  • Diploma in Football Medicine by the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence
  • Member of the Portuguese Society of Sport Odontology
  • Basket Ball Team Odontology Coordinator at Club Athletico Paulistano
  • Coordinator of the Odontology Center of the SAN project which provides care to the underprivileged community of Vila Nova Jaguaré

Dra. Flávia Pires Bretas Delarolli

CRO 89753

  • Graduated in Odontology from the Fundação Universidade de Itaúna –MG;
  • Medical residency in Endodontics – PUC – MG;
  • Professional Master’s Degree in Endodontics – São Leopoldo Mandic – Campinas SP;
  • Accredited in Periodontal Plastic Microsurgery by APCD – SP;
  • Accredited in Laser for Dentistry by Fundecto– USP;
  • Qualified for nitrous oxide / conscious sedation.
  • Post-Graduated in Orofacial Aesthetics
  • Orofacial Harmonization Teacher

Dra. Simone de Melo Maudonnet

CRO 42880

  • Graduated in Odontology from Uniube
  • Functional Orthopedics of the Maxillaries
  • Fixed Orthodontics
  • Treatment of Snoring and Apnea
  • Master in Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Dysfunction from UNIFESP
  • Invisalign Accredited
  • Professor of the Specialization in Orthodontics Course by the IPEO


Dra Renata Esberard Paracchini

CRO 79430

  • Graduated in Odontology from the Universidade do Sagrado Coração – USC Bauru
  • Specialized in Pediatric Dentistry by USP – Bauru
  • Specialized in Endodontics by APCD Araraquara
  • Special patients care medical residency at AACD São Paulo


Dr. Cássio Cardona Orth

CRO-RS- 17961

  • Graduated in Odontology from ULBRA- CANOAS/RS, CTBMF
  • Specialist from ULBRA- CANOAS/RS
  • Master in Implantodonty – SL MANDIC Campinas
  • Taking a Masters Degree in Periodontics – SL MANDIC Campinas
  • Teacher at the Instituto Implanteperio- São Paulo/SP


Dr. Gustavo Giordani

CRO 94427

  • Graduated in Odontology from the Universidade Paulista UNIP
  • Specialist in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology from UNIP
  • Post graduated in Implantodonty and Periodontal Plastic Surgery from Instituto Implanteperio
  • Fellowship in Implants and Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Antwerp Belgium with Dr. Eric Van Dooren


Dr. Octavio Cintra

CRO-SP 51448

  • Graduated in Odontology from the Faculdade de Odontologia de Piracicaba/UNICAMP
  • Medical Residency in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology at Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo,
  • Fellowship in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery – Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Parkland Memorial Hospital
  • Parkland Memorial Hospital, University of Texas, Dallas, Texas/USA
  • Vice President of S.A.A.F. – South American Arnett Foundation
  • Effective member of the S O R G   – Division of Latin America
  • Visiting Surgeon of the Arnett Gunson Facial Reconstruction Center, Santa Barbara, CA/USA